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100 Days To Offload - May 20, 2020

100 Days To Offload

Today I happened across #100DaysToOffload via HackerNews. I think I want to give it ago, I also read a post on HackerNews recently talking about the old days of the internet and how stumbling upon peoples blogs was this fun exciting thing. I remember a time when getting online after school was this fun exciting thing where you could actually 'surf' the web and find weird interesting things, unlike today where I go to the same 4 sites, and that's it. So To make this more my personal place on the internet I'll give this challenge a go. here are the 'rules'. I'm definitely gonna fail at this, and that's ok.

here are the 'rules'. Im defintaly gonna fail at this, and thats ok.

  • This needs to be done on a personal blog, not a corporate blog. If you don’t have a personal blog, you can sign up for a free one at Write.as.
  • There is no specific start or end date. Your 100 posts can start or end whenever you want them to.
  • Publish 100 new posts in the space of a year. You don't need to publish a post every 3 days - if you want a week off, that's fine. If it comes to the end of the year and you have only published 60 posts, that's also fine. Just. Write.
  • There are no limits to what you can post about – write about whatever interests you.
  • There are no limits to how short or long a post needs to be.
  • Search engine optimisation, what’s that? Forget about all that jargon. Just. Write.
  • Once you have published an article, don’t forget to post a link on your social media with the hashtag #100DaysToOffload.
  • If you're writing on Write.as, be sure to include #100DaysToOffload in your post. Their system support hashtags, so it will allow others to find your posts.
  • Get your friends involved!

thanks for reading!

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